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By Emma Daniels

Copyright 2011 Emma Daniels

Smashwords Edition



Alecsis stood at the wheel scanning the horizon. He had not sighted land for over three months, and sailing an empty ocean was starting to weigh him down. The more direct route Lorg charted had taken them far from any ports of call. In all the time they had been at sea, they had not sighted anything but the occasional gull or whale.

Even his ever-faithful dolphins seemed to have deserted them. At first the dolphins had made an appearance every day, frolicking in the foaming wake of the ship. Sometimes they swam ahead, as though to show the way. Even though Lorg had worked out their direction, the sleek sea creatures let Alecsis know if they strayed from their course. He felt their minds connecting with his, telling him they had erred from their path. It felt good to know that his earlier suspicions about them had been correct; the creatures of the sea were there to protect them.

Now nothing stirred the ocean. The horizon remained a straight, undivided line, the sea a deep azure, and the sky a vivid blue. At night the stars were their only companions. Only an hour away from dawn, Alecsis had the deck to himself. One could hardly call the golems company. Having no minds or souls of their own, they responded without question, performing the simple tasks Alecsis directed them.

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