Jack exited the hotel elevator on the fourth floor and looked down the hall. Thank goodness…there he is.

Tony currently leaned against the wall near his hotel room door.

Jack screamed from the end of the hall. `Tony, I’m sorry to be late! I’ll be right there!’

They soon took seats at the reading table.

`Tony, what did you find out? You look depressed.’

Suddenly, Tony started to smile very brightly.

`Signore, I found the people for you. I know exactly where they have gone. Not only the man and the pregnant woman,’ he said, `but also that strange priest who wears sunglasses.’

`Great work, Tony! Thank goodness!’

`As I said I would, this morning I went to the security post at the Israeli terminal at the airport, and I took my friend, an Israeli security guard, aside. I then described the people you are looking for to my friend, and I tried to give him $100, but he refused to take it. You can’t bribe these Israelis. But he did tell me that he was sure these people took the flight to Jerusalem that night. He remembered them because the pregnant women in the dark veil had nearly fallen, when another passenger brushed by her.’ He had held his words, and Jack had sensed it.

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