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Secrets of the Royal Detective – The first Victorian & Edwardian bodyguard

By Don Hale

Published by Coast & Country at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Don Hale. ISBN No 978-1-907163-53-1

Secrets of the Royal Detecyive


Serving Queen and Country.

I always remember being in awe of my great grandfather for decades without really quite understanding why, or what it was all about. Any mention of his name at the dinner table, soon attracted coughs, grunts and weird stares, followed by a vigorous shaking of heads. It was the children must be seen but not heard syndrome.

All this seemed very odd to a young kid of seven or eight anxious to play out at the seaside and hardly interested in family secrets. It seemed even odder in later years, when I realised that Letitia, James’s widow, and my great grandmother lived in that house at the time and remained a feisty 97 year-old to the bitter end! Even more surprising, was the fact that more than fifty years after James’s death, she still protected his possessions with a fierce and passionate determination, converting her private room into a near shrine to his memory.

I recall the room as always being very dark, heavily scented, and draped in long flowing black fabrics. It was also packed with memorabilia from their life together, and from his extraordinary career. Letitia always seemed exactly as she was, like someone slightly out of place, from another time, another world!

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