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Birth of the British Bobby

By Don Hale

Published by Coast & Country at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Don Hale. ISBN No 978-1-907163-55-5


Robert Peel, Sherlock Holmes & The Bow Street Runners

Strange But True Facts by Don Hale

Bury born, Robert Peel, was a dedicated, determined, and highly controversial legal reformer, who in his capacity as Home Secretary demanded an urgent review of the criminal code, and a massive shake-up of the country’s existing policing system.

The introduction of his Metropolitan Police Act in 1829, had an immediate effect upon policing in London; and although his policies were later adopted nationwide, at first, they led to mixed emotions and some drastic action from a sceptical public.

And for some time, Peel and Tory Prime Minister, the Duke of Wellington, received death threats and became worried about city riots and reprisals - due to the rapid implementation of their severe measures.

Peel however, realised that in the eighty years or so since Henry Fielding had adopted similar reforms and introduced the Bow Street Runners, public demand for law and order had changed and there was now a unique opportunity to co-ordinate all forms of policing.

This included a radical review of the Thames Police, Horse Patrols, Foot Patrols, Parish Constables and Watchmen (Charleys); and he also confirmed plans to create a specialised detective office, utilising some revolutionary aspects of new scientific advances and research.

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