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Smashwords Edition

Scars Of My Life

With everythin that happens to me that causes pain.
My blood itches for it to drip like rain.
As I slice my skin on my wrist.

I've always liked watching the blood start to piss.
All I've ever wanted was a reason to let the knife slide.

To follow the knife on it's own ride.

Watch it's path start to fill with red.

When I stop I'll finally be dead.

Flying high in the sky.
My life flashes as I begin to die.

Blood flowing free.

Cause I'm dying to be.

Anything but who I am.

Hey someone has a cam.

Guess I'll have my 15 minutes of fame.

Cause after that my story will blame.

Drops of blood down below.

People passing by saying hello.

I'm dying up here.

But I have no fear.

Cause today is my end.

My knife was my friend.

Shane & Jessica Diamond

The Book Of Mirrors

So much blood that's pooled on the floor.

All they've ever wanted was plenty more.

Everytime I look into the mirror I see a man with no soul.

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