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Depressional Thoughts

By Kennie Kayoz

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Coyotes Publishing

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Kennie -

Depressional Thoughts

For the last three days I've been depressed, keeping to myself.

Thinking about all the bullshit and stress back at the other house.

Everything always getting dumped on me.
No way to escape it.
Shiny objects looking friendlier and friendlier.

Not wanting to be in this world anymore.
No I'm not on any sort of pill.
No I don't want to be on any sort of pill.
My depression continues to get worse and worse.
I continue to feel as if I can't do anything right.
I'm doing nothing but screwing up everyones lives.
They would be better off without me.
They would be alot happier without me.
I can't help but think that, and at times say it too.
My girlfriend says she wouldn't be.

But over the last week or so we've had very little good things happen.

Happiness isn't something that comes to either one of us much anymore.

The depression of one drags the other one down.
Constantly living in a world of grey and black.
Constantly wanting to leave this world in a pool of red.

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