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Fleming Calder

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2011 by Fleming Calder

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One lives to fantasize, and in fantasy one lives. To fantasize is a gift given to each one of us from our creator. We tend to think of fantasy as fleeting illusions of the mind. But, arguably, they pre-exist within our being, ready to burst forward into a place in reality.

A fantasy is merely the re-creation of a thought that has lied dormant, and is somewhat different from the programmed ideas of the time or within a society. Although fantasies can bring forth negative concepts, as can any thought, it could just as well be used as a tool to positively progress in our lives. Humanity is meant to create and express ourselves in unique ways. Would modern sciences and technologies be as evolved today if not for the shared fantasies, the unthinkable visions, of but a few like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton? Could the great novels, poems, and short stories by literary geniuses, such as William Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe be possible without the gift of fantasy?

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