Speak Easy, Join Your Community Theatre

by Andy Wilkinson


Copyright 2011 by Andy Wilkinson

Speak Easy, Join Your Community Theater

Public speaking is not a natural act for most people. It is a skill and therefore can be learned and improved on with practice and training. In all my years as teacher, sermonizer, actor and playwright, I have never seen anyone who could take the stage for the first time and be totally natural and confident.

My first engagement was to give a fifteen minute presentation to a church group of one-hundred twenty people. I was so terrified I couldn’t get a deep breath and occasionally one of my audience members would encourage me to SPEAK UP. I eventually got past this traumatic episode but I have learned there are less frightening ways to get initiated in this rewarding craft.

If speaking for an audience is in your future I have a suggestion that can help you be prepared and actually enjoy the experience: Get involved with your local community theatre. It’s a great way to break the ice and get your feet wet in a less intimidating environment.

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