Bred by the Alpha 4-Pack Vol 2

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"You won't spoil my plans for getting rich! Don't you want to live a life of ease?" he yelled.

“You want to use me to lure a unicorn to it's death and you'll sell the horn. Oh, yes, I know, you'll become richer than the king himself, but you'll waste your riches like you always have!” I shouted back as my father closed the distance.

"You whore! You'll deny me of that horn because you’re too soft-hearted." He bellowed, though I could tell he was giving up the chase as his angry voice seemed further away.

He must have turned down the wrong path. Sinking to the ground as heat radiated from my body like a fire, I knew I was safe for now.

As his cursing faded into the distance, I wondered what I was going to do now. I had no place to stay or even live. I didn't know how to hunt and the plants that I could gather wouldn't sustain me.

Now what? I can't go back home or he'll beat me for disobeying him, even thought I'm an adult. I'd rather die than help him kill such a noble animal.

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