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Chapter 2 - A Step Up and Motivation

Chapter 3 - Building Goals and Gratitude

Chapter 4 - Face it; you have overcome a large fear! (Pick a large fear and over come it)

Chapter 5 - Confident Behavior

Final Thought


Do you ever have the feeling that you are waiting to start your life? I certainly did and after building my confidence I was in a better position to make life changing decisions. As confidence increases, you will make better decisions and this feeling will subside.

What if you feel too scared to start? That is why Layer One can be done all in your head. Nobody is going to know what you are doing unless you tell them. I have provided a practical guide of Eight Layers to take you through the steps and the first step will only change your thinking, you wont be giving a presentation in front of 100 people or ask someone out on a date yet.

Imagine being able to do something you always wanted to do but haven’t started because it seemed too hard? With increased confidence comes a better life.


Confidence is the backbone of positive and successful change. Any change you wish to make in your life will take confidence to some degree. Fear is the absence of confidence and fear fills in the space where confidence is lacking. By increasing your confidence you are better equipped to change, fix or resolve aspects of your life and issues will begin to resolve themselves more readily.

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