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The Amadeus Net

by Mark A. Rayner


Published by Monkeyjoy Press at Smashwords
Copyright 2011 Mark A. Rayner
Originally published in trade paperback and available from ENC Press at


July 13, 2028

“We have got the little German Boy here who plays upon the Harpsichord like Handel, & composes with the same facility. He really is a most extraordinary effort of Nature, but our Professors in Physick don’t think he will be long lived.”  ~Joseph Yorke, about the Young Mozart,  1765



Mozart walked into the sex-change clinic on a cold, snowy July morn­ing, intending to have his sprouter snipped off. It rarely snowed in Ipolis; the Crystal Mountains were covered with the deep, somewhat dappled stuff year-round, but the city itself? The metropolis almost never permitted it. This morning, though, the snow had dispensation. Mozart brushed a few flakes off his Mylar trench coat, and stepped up to the receptionist.

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