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Plights Of A Patriarch

by Andy Wilkinson


Copyright 2011 by Andy Wilkinson

Plights Of A Patriarch

Abraham stood and poked the fire with his staff. “This is not going to go over well,” he said and began pacing around the fire pit. He looked up into the darkness and said, “This is not going to go over well at all!”

Abraham! Come on to bed, it’s getting late.”

Abraham turned toward the tent, “Sarah, I’m trying to talk to God, okay. Go back inside and go to sleep.”

Can’t you finish in the morning? I hate it when you two argue like this.”

Sarah … I said I’m busy right now. I’ll be coming to bed in a few minutes.

Have a cup of wine, or goat’s milk or something, and go back to bed.”

Again Abraham looked into the night sky, “How am I going to tell them about this? What can I possibly say that will make this sound like a good idea?”

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