Mr. Nice Guy
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Smashwords Edition

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Say Hello To Mr Nice Guy.

In a world where phone booths are non existant.
It appears that being nice has also gone extinct.
Why is it that walking down the street I see wolves.
Clothed as sheep, yet the ones they walk with.
They don't see it.

I see the way you do things that the wolf hurt you.
Emotionally, perhaps even physically as well.
That can be hidden, but it'll reveal itself.

But I've grown to see that Mr Nice Guy isn't attractive.
Your mind is filled with images you see on TV.
So you want that in your life.

But you don't realize what happens behind closed doors.
You hope that nobody else sees that either.
Sadly most people are blind to it.
Many say "sure he did it to the one before me, but he won't do it to me"

Not the way to live your life.
It's a hole you dig yourself.
It's the power that he has over you.

Too many are scared to come forward.
I can't be superman for everyone.


Yup I'm A Nice Guy

I know people hate it when I come around.
They think they got to treat one another like shit.
When I come around they just don't get it.
I show respect to all and respect for all.

I won't use what you tell me against you.
I lock it away in my mind.
Nobody else needs to know what you said.

It appears that people are taken back.
They don't know how to act when I'm around.
They're too busy running with shields up.
Having to constantly deflect

Hiding whom they are in public.
But I get it, you don't know how to take me.
You've never been treated like how I treat you.
Always thinking it's coming like a backhand.

Nope sorry, your not getting that from me.
Mr Nice Guy is here.
Always here to stay.


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