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The Little Death

by Jocelyn Modo

Tara was dead—dead for cripes’ sake! Okay, sure, she’d seen it coming. Death had pursued her like a creepy stalker her whole life. Bad liver. Long waitlist. But what she hadn’t expected was becoming a ghost. She didn’t even believe in ghosts.

“Why am I still here?” she yelled, shaking her fist like a maniac.

No answer. Worse, someone had cleared out her pretty stuff and turned her apartment into a—shudder—bachelor pad.

A key sounded in the lock at the front door. Tara flew into the living room in time to watch her new roommate walk in. A six-foot-two, raven-haired god. Everything she’d fantasized about having while waiting for her life to begin with a new liver or her existence to end still a virgin.

If Tara had salivary glands, she would have drooled on him.

For the next several weeks she learned all about her roomie, William. Quiet and serious about school, he didn’t have any friends, let alone a girlfriend. He read aloud, hummed MCR in the shower—swear to God she didn’t watch…much—and ate a lot of peanut butter and maple syrup sandwiches. When he grabbed his backpack full of textbooks and left for college classes, she missed him. When he slept, she listened to his soft snore.

After months of haunting him, Tara couldn’t keep her hands to herself any more. Giggling like a mental patient, she slipped beneath the covers and cuddled up against William’s broad back. His body heat warmed her. She felt like steam wafting off a hot body. He murmured something soft and incomprehensible but didn’t wake. Relaxing, she closed her eyes and, for the first time since she died, fell asleep.

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