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You forgot the third option.”

Galen glared at him. “The Promised Land? Come on. There is no such place. It’s a myth. You know it as well as I do.”

Abdeel turned to face the viewport, hands clasped behind his back. He’d spent countless hours here throughout the course of his lifespan, gazing out upon the twinkling sea of stars, wondering if he’d live to see the day of Arrival.

So which one is it?”

Galen rose and walked over to one of the community viewers. He called up the appropriate coordinates and took a step back, gesturing toward the monitor.

Not that it really matters,” he said, “but there it is.”

Abdeel leaned forward and peered at the tiny image on the screen.

His eyes widened. “Oh, yeah, I think I see it. That greenish colored one, right?”


And there’s the two moons you were talking about. Where’s the yellow dwarf you said they’re orbiting?”

Galen stomped forward and deactivated the viewer. “Who cares? It doesn’t matter anymore.”

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