The lying bastard,’ I said as I opened the garage door slowly to confirm that it was his car inside. It was his car, alright. I walked up the stairs to his apartment. The lights were on. It seemed he’d got home earlier than the time he’d given me. As I got closer to the door, I got more nervous. I was afraid of finding him with someone else. I stood outside his door and heard the sound of the television playing, but in the background I could hear people talking. I took a deep breath to prepare myself to be brave while I knocked.

A few minutes later he opened the door. He was shocked to see me. I was shocked to see him shocked. I observed him. He was walking in his socks and was still in his formal clothes. He was very surprised to see me.

What are you doing here? I thought I said I was going to call you.’ He was standing at the door, not inviting me in.

Why are you not inviting me in? I’m already here and I see you are home early.’

He stared at me as if something was wrong with me. I pushed him aside as I walked in, leaving him astonished. He couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t expecting to see me until he gave me orders.

Well, surprise, surprise. Look what the cat dragged in. You have a visitor. Is she your sister. Hello,’ I said as I walked straight inside the house where another woman was busy cooking at his stove.

I’d asked sarcastically as I knew that this woman was not his sister. It was the same woman who’d once opened the gate for me when I was stuck. The same skinny woman with dark skin and huge eyes. She did not only stay in the same complex as him. They’d started shagging. I was shocked to see her. I felt as if my eyes were deceiving me, playing tricks on me. I couldn’t believe that I’d found the same woman I’d thought was generous enough to open the gate for me. It felt as if she’d known where I was going and had waited for me to leave so she could go in. No! She was probably just helping him out.

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