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Audacity of progress

By: Temitope Owosela

Audacity of Progress


I dedicate this book to God Almighty who gave me life, and the knowledge of writing, and also people that believe in me. Like my first & second grade teacher Mrs. Kristen Thesis, My First through Third grade P.E teacher Mr. Phillip.


This book is about me. This is about my life, and how I am working my way to my ultimate success in the mist of my problems. In this you will experience several violent graphical issues that you can't bear. Also, you will experience several cuss words that you will think I cuss a lot, but I am not a person that like to cuss, only when people think that I am dumb that when I get angry and cuss people out. I am a very mellow guy; that likes to get along with people, animals, and the environment. I enjoy working with people in the sense that I would communicate with them, and share what is in my mind. I love working with animals because they will show their compassion to you. I am not interested in their loyalties; all I am concerned about is their love for me.

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