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Chapter 1

The fourth time it happened, it really got Dorsey’s attention.

The first time, she put it down to coincidence, because, after all, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The second time, naturally, she shrugged it off as a fluke. The third time came as no surprise, because, as the saying goes, things come in threes. However, by that fourth time, Dorsey MacGuinness was clean out of explanations. There was just no good way to account for that fourth time.

The coincidental first occurrence, ah, occurred shortly after she began her lecture in her eight o’clock Intro to Sociology class. Dorsey wasn’t happy to be teaching as many intro classes as she was, but that was what teaching assistants like her were for, weren’t they? To babysit the students taking sociology as an elective and keep them off the streets, where they might otherwise get into trouble. Only real professors got to teach sociology to real sociology students. So Dorsey would just have to settle for being a pretend professor until after she defended her doctoral dissertation in six months.

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