“I’ve found it!” Sally Jenkins said to herself. She was the top scientist in the top medical research facility in the country and she had been slaving away for years to find the ultimate cure. Not the cure to cancer, but the cure to all diseases. A potion that would bolster the immune system of any human so that they would never get sick. Sally Jenkins was creating super-humans.

She stood in her laboratory all alone, surrounded by the mass of test tubes, beakers and other scientific equipment as she looked down at the purple concoction in the vial before her as it bubbled and gave off smoke. All she needed now was a test subject, but she knew her damn bosses would never sign off on it. They really did make her account for every penny and they had not been satisfied with her progress lately. Now she would show them. When they saw what this potion could do they would not give a damn about any corners she had cut, all they would see was the dollar sign hanging around the most incredible medicinal discovery of all time. Now for that test subject.

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