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If that telephone call came from someone here at Maris Cove, Mr. Montgomary, that means we have a very sick person in our midst.” With that last remark, Curtis hurried to catch up with the rest of the party. “Hey, wait for us,” he called out.

The full import of the two statements made by this young man, connecting Phillis with the danger implied in that threatening telephone call, were not lost on Pat. Curtis was not merely expressing concern for Phillis’ safety. There was also a not-completely-hidden threat in his words.


Franklin and his guests returned to his house where he called Lorraine Cairens. She told him she had been able to contact her husband.

What was Max’s reaction?” Franklin asked.

What I would have expected. He sloughed it off as the action of a crank, said we should ignore it, and go on with the election this evening.”

Pat, who was also on the telephone, asked: “Did he agree someone should call the Reitmans?”

Finally. I had to convince him they should be told, just in case whoever made that call is in earnest. We’d all feel pretty terrible if something happened and we didn’t tell them and give them the option of pulling out of this deal.”

So he’s going to call them?”

He already has. In fact, I just got off the telephone with him not two minutes before you called me.”

And their reaction to all this?”

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