I thought it about time I heard the true story from you mom," he said while sitting at the table taking a giant bite of sandwich.

She sat down opposite him and brushed away nonexistent crumbs off the red and white checker board table cloth. She knew he was watching her closely and probably was expecting a white lie or two. "Mikey," she said looking directly at him, "I'll tell you the truth. It's true your grandfather went to the haunted house on Halloween night many years ago. It's also true he was found by the big elm tree. Since that morning he's not said a word about anything to anybody. He just stares straight ahead of himself and even though his lips move, nobody can hear any sounds coming from his mouth. We took him to many doctors and they all said he had something happen that shut down his ability to talk and when they tested his hearing, they found out his hearing was fairly normal. I think what they didn't say was he was scared out of his pants and his brain shut down."

Mikey had finished his snack and was looking at his mother with curious eyes. She saw her son with jam on both sides of his mouth and struggled not to reach over a wipe his mouth. Then Like a boy he reached up with his arm and wiped his mouth with the sweat shirt he was wearing. "Mom, I'm going to try and talk to gramps. Before, I was scared to be close to him, but now I’m not scared anymore. I'm going to show him my baby pictures and my school pictures up to now. What do you think?"

"I like that idea and I'll find the picture albums while you attempt to speak to gramps," she said while standing and moving off to the living room.

Mikey went outside and even though it was cool out, gramps was bundled up and slowly rocking back and forth in his old wooden rocking chair. He seemed oblivious to the cool wind blowing. Mikey zipped up his coat and walked slowly over to the porch railing facing his grandpa. He saw a withered old man with pure white stubble on his face. Grandpas' eyes were pale blue and with the wind blowing, a little watery with the occasional tear running down his craggy narrow face. His stare was straight ahead as if expecting a visitor. Under his long narrow nose, like always, his lips were moving but not a sound came out. Mikey moved closer and once in front of him, went to his knees and said:

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