Soul Surfing: a near death Adventure


Robert Schneider

“Human consciousness began as a ripple that decided to leave the ocean of consciousness. Then it forgot that it was part of the ocean.” – Hindu myth


Death changes things. For the living, it’s a simple sliding scale: the closer one is to the one who dies, the more things change. But what death changes for the dead is more controversial.

Paul Avalon’s death changed a lot of things for a lot of people, including himself, because Paul came back to tell his tale. And as crazy as his story sounds, it would be even crazier not to believe it, because he came back with proof.

Paul Avalon was born with the more mundane surname of Baker in the working-class suburb of Brookvale on the Southern end of Sydney’s Northern suburbs. With the first whiff of fame he changed his name to Avalon – a more glamorous name to match the more glamorous neighbourhood he aspired to live in. And for many years that is where he did live, until his privileged world came crumbling down. That would be a good place for us to begin.

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