Ghan struggled to reply. For the first time Harold had met him he seemed to be overcome with emotion. "Wonderful! Food of the gods! Harold, Harold, Harold! How many of these things are you giving me?" He took a second bite.

"I'm not sure, maybe ten or fifteen. Look in my suitcase and retrieve and count them for yourself."

"I must send them to the other leaders in my network!" bubbled Ghan, as by candle-light he searched the suitcase. "Anyone that tastes it will be totally convinced that all the amazing knowledge about Earth I pass onto them is authentic! There are sixteen of them! They will indeed inspire my people to achieve freedom! What is this?"

In his hands the little brown man held something wrapped in aluminum foil. It was only about the size of a half-loaf of bread but it was obviously very heavy.

"Oh my gosh! I forgot I brought that!" said Harold. "That is the lamp I used to call the genie!"

"Could you call him again?"

"The cats say that they have captured him!" noted Harold.

"What could it hurt to try?"

"Perhaps the cats would detect the lamp if it became active," explained Harold. "I have nothing to lose, but you do, Ghan. I leave the choice to you. If you don't want to risk the wrath of the cats I will understand."

"I want to see your genie, Harold of Earth. Call him. I have people monitoring the Orange Master and the skies that will warn us if there is any sign that our activity is detected." He handed Harold the foil enclosed lamp.

Harold carefully unwrapped the mysterious crystal. It glowed no more than a candle as he held it using the foil, but Harold was reminded of how bright it became when it was touched with bare skin. That would bring the Orange Master Cat for sure! He emptied out his suitcase and carefully put the lamp inside it, with his hand next to it but not yet touching it. Then he zipped shut the suitcase around his arm at the elbow. His rolled-up red pajamas completed a hopefully light-proof seal around his arm. When warned of the danger of bright light, Ghan also added a foot-thick layer of bedding straw.

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