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Cameron woke with a very familiar feeling of deja vu, that he had been here and done this all before – several times – feeling much the same on each of those previous occasions. How he could feel that way just waking up was a mystery in itself, but not one he planned of wasting too much effort on.

He had more important things to worry about, things that he couldn't quite put a finger on at that precise moment, but important things all the same. There was a sense of that as well, stronger than the vague feelings of deja vu. That sense of something different about today, something new. Things were about to start happening, and all Cameron had to find out was what.

The difference of the day permeated everything in the room, making all of that everything seem new and fresh, even though it had been there forever – even though the bed was still stuck in its corner, the mirror still screwed firmly to its wall, the window still cutting a hole into the world outside. Traffic noises drifted in, a low hum accented occasionally with honks of various pitch, and voices rattled on the street below.

Cameron rose gently, walked to the mirror, and gazed at the image within. It shrugged in reply, no more aware of what was going on than Cameron himself, moving away in disgust a moment later. Cameron also paced the barren room, wondering to himself exactly why he had never decorated or collected any trinkets to brighten the drab corners. There was no stereo or television – not even a portable radio.

And yet that didn't seem to matter in the least. It was as if this room wasn't important at all. Cameron simply lived there, had slept there the previous night, and most probably had done much the same for weeks. He wasn't certain of that, mind you, but it seemed a reasonable assumption. As for the future, well, that didn't seem any clearer, but Cameron had the distinct feeling that it did not involve this room.

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