Turkey Day

"Let me tell you right now, little girl, don't get too attached to your new turkey because we got him for our Thanksgiving dinner. Do you understand me," Sally's father said just a tad too hard for a seven year old farm girl.

On the verge of tears, holding her baby turkey to her chest, Sally quietly said, "I hear you daddy. I just want to watch Tom grow up. Besides it's not summer yet and Thanksgiving is after school starts. Can I put him in a box and keep him in my bedroom?"

"Let me see about that. I need to talk to your mom about that idea. Maybe for a few weeks and then you can put him in the barn. Now, go play and let me do my work. Your brother is finally old enough to help out with the animals. Soon you'll be able to help us on the farm."

Sally, holding Tom close to her chest ran to the barn to find a box for her new pet turkey. She had never heard a real live turkey say, gobble – gobble. In the barn she found an old cardboard box that would work just fine. After filling the bottom with hay, she held Tom in one hand and the box in the other walking quickly back to the old two story farm house.

Sally never noticed the patched roof and peeling paint that stood forlornly among some giant old maple trees. The porch was in dire straits as well. Everyone knew to walk up next to the wobble stair rail. It was just too dangerous to go up the middle with parts of the cross steps had rotted through.

She ran around the porch to the back kitchen door. Like a good girl, in the boot room, she took off her barn boots, put on her slippers, went to the kitchen where her grandmother was making bread and after saying hello ran up the stairs to her room she shared with her older sister, Tammy.

She placed the box on her side of the bed, put Tom in it and ran back downstairs to get a small bowl for water. After asking grandmother what she needed, grandma said, "I've just the two things you need, Sal. I just made tuna salad and the two empty cans will work perfect. Let me get them for you. Now as the bird will get into the water and will probably tip the can over, get some rocks to hold the can down. Not to worry the food as he'll peck it out of the straw"

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