Naranjan Singh also has three daughters: Parminder Kaur, Rashpal Kaur and Bhinder Kaur. Parminder Kaur married in Rajistan and Rashpal Kaur married in Ganna Pind. Bhinder Kaur is also married in Italy. Naranjan Singh’s family is living in the USA.

Mann Singh, son of Dhian Singh, had one son, Natha Singh. He had one son, Jagir Singh, who was married and had one daughter, Channo. Channo was married in Muthada Kalan. After the death of his wife, Jagir Singh bought a woman, Mohinder Kaur, to be his second wife. They had one son, Darshan Singh, and two daughters: Swarni and Birro. Jagir Singh had sold his farming land in Atta and bought cheaper land in Shamsabad in 1953.

Dial Singh, son of Dhian Singh, had one son called Hirra Singh who had two sons from his 1st marriage: Partap Singh and Hakam Singh. Partap Singh had two sons: Tara Singh (Patwari) and Ajit Singh (Khidi). Tara Singh married Beant Kaur from Ratainda. They had one son Dial Singh and three daughters: Harjinder Kaur married in Rurhka Kalan, Shinder Kaur and the third daughter married in Mao Sahib.

Ajit Singh married Chanan Kaur from Jadali. They had one son, Joginder Singh (Gindo) and three daughters: Rajinder Kaur married in Bathh, Gurbakhash Kaur married in Pasla and Jaswinder Kaur married in the Nawan Shehar area. Joginder Singh married Avtar Kaur from Bakapur. They had two sons and two daughters who are married.

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