The 5 Step Wedding Speech Course

By Steve Lennox

© Copyright 2010 by Steve Lennox. All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition





            Thank you for purchasing this course.  This course was designed to teach you how to write a speech not just read one from a script.  When I was invited to be the best man at my brother’s wedding I had no idea that I was going to have to give a speech.  If I had known that at the time I might not have accepted the offer! 


            When I discovered that I would have to give a speech I went straight to the internet and Googled “Best Man Speeches.”  There were a lot of results that popped up and all of the free resources out there offered one or two pre-written speeches, but those didn’t apply to my unique situation and relationship.  I wanted something personal. 


            So I began looking at some of the wedding speech products out there and found that for $20 I could have a packet of 20 to 60 pre-written speeches.  This did not help me either.  What I needed was a personal and heartfelt speech but I had no idea how to write one. 

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