By Jose R. Rodriguez

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2009 Jose R. Rodriguez

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Part I


I know how stupid is to write about my crimes on these pages. My problem is that I'm too sensitive for my own good, or perhaps it is just a sliver of conscience and a meek attempt at self incrimination and redemption.

In due time strangers' eyes will look at these pages and will wonder at the monster who wrote these things. They will cringe in disgust and their eyebrows will arch in surprise. They may laugh at my pitiful attempts at becoming normal. Perhaps they will not finish reading my writings, tired of well articulated words that bring no new evidence to a de facto conclusion: here is a loser who veered astray from the righteous path demarcated by society. That same society will be a better place once I’m gone, and the taxpayers can save themselves the expense of a trial and keeping me alive in their overcrowded jails because neither state sponsored punishment nor rehabilitation catches my fancy. Being a coward and fleeing suits me better because I accept responsibility for my crimes but I don’t want to deal with the consequences.

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