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Disclaimer: Although some of the characters in this book are based on actual people, these accounts are purely fictitious and for entertainment purposes only. The depictions of historical people should not be taken as an accurate account of any person's life.

Saving Marilyn

Copyright 2011 by Christy J Cauley

Smashwords Edition

28,179 words

ISBN-13: 978-1-4524-4687-5

As always, I owe this book to the most amazing husband a woman could ever ask for, Joseph. He designed the cover, provided hours upon hours of technical support (yes, he knows how to build a time machine) and has always been my number one editor. This book would never have been possible without you. My life would not have been possible without you. I love you dearly.

Special thanks to my friends and family for their support and encouragement. Thank you as always our nephews, Jeremy, Jason and Justin for making our house a home! Dedicated in loving memory to our children, Gwendolyn & Gabriel Cauley.

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