How A Blind Person Go Through Their Everyday Life

By: Rias William

Copyright © 2017


If I were you, I will be very sceptical about this book. After all, as far as you are concern, I could be a fony who is running out of idea and just picking some random topics to write. Some of you might be questioning what gives me the right to write about how to live as a blind person? But here is the deal, I have every right to write about this topic since I myself has been blind for as long as I can remember. Yeah yeah, you must be thinking how can I be writing this book if I truly am a blind. Blind people can not use computer. Blind people cannot even write or read. Are they though? If you by any chance curious, then you come to the right place. In this book, I will bring you along with me in the journey to experience life in the darkness.

first and foremost, you need to understand what gives me the motivation to write this book. I am in my mid-twenties by the time I write this book. during my lifetime, I have been asked a million times by people around me including my family, relatives, friends and even strangers about how exactly does blind person go through their life. Is it any different from sighted person? So one day I thought to myself, why not I write a book to let all the people around the globe and not just people around me know how blind person live every aspect of their life. I also hope that through this book, I will be able to bring change to how society view blind community in general.

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