The other end of the spectrum from anarchy is dictatorship along with Kings and Queens. The tyrant orders and the subjects have to obey or they will lose their heads. This is 100% control.

In the late twentieth century Democrats and Republicans sought more and more control over our lives. Income tax, corporate taxes, business taxes and property taxes are tools of 100% control. There is no choice not to pay without severe penalties. It has turned into a police state approaching law enforcement within the old Soviet Union. Now Obama wants the government to control your access to health care. Government jobs have also radically increased in the last five years. It will not be much longer before a President such as Obama will become a Dictator for life with or without a willing Congress and Supreme Court.

Thus Republicans are about 93% of total control and want more. Democrats are 96% control and want more. The green party stands for about 96% control but thank God they have no power over us.

The only party standing for freedom and a small government is the Libertarian Party. This party stands for about 50% control, much smaller government, 100% more freedom, fewer police and no gun laws. The second amendment says we can defend ourselves with any weapon we want. The communists and socialists say there is no second amendment for the common man, only for us elite rulers.

Do you really want The Socialist American Union here with the secret police and informers everywhere with no trials after arrest? Or would you like to return to the freedom that existed before 1900? Those are really the only choices.

In the twentieth century Ronald Regan is the only President to try to reduce government and taxes. He failed because the Congress fought him because they liked the power and corruption. Since then it has gotten steadily worse. 2009 marked the biggest communist jump of the US government control ever.

Please rate this fellow writers. We want to know if the readers like freedom or complete government control.

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