A Murder in Newport

Robert C. Waggoner

Copyright 2017 by Robert C. Waggoner

Smashwords Edition

A Murder in Newport


With the case solved concerning the Georgia peanut VIP, US Marshal Stacy Foreham was relaxing in a warm beach cottage on the coast of Oregon with her new friend, Aaron Lake. She had met Aaron on their flight from Eugene to Atlanta, Georgia. He was the co-pilot of the charter plane taking Stacy and her team to a special case involving Stacy's boss, Connie Wilson. Connie had ordered Stacy to solve a case of murder involving an old friend of the Wilson family.

Aaron, who was aware of the famous Marshal Stacy Foreham from just down the coast in Bandon, Oregon from Newport, fell for her upon first meeting at the coffee machine in the galley of the plane. He discovered after just a few minutes of conversation, a down-to-earth Oregon resident like himself. He dug into his reserve and asked if they could see each other on another occasion. Stacy, much to his surprise, told him she would love to see him off the job.

Presently the two sat on a comfortable sofa in front of a large plate glass window that faced the Pacific Ocean. A wood stove kept the cottage nice and warm from the chilly on-shore flow of air from the ocean. It was the middle of January and winters can be rainy and cool most of the time along the entire coast of Oregon and Washington as well.

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