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Chapter Six – One of the Girls

Chapter Seven – Hey Ho the Bitch is gone

Chapter Eight – Twenty Questions

Chapter Nine – The Return of Evil

Chapter Ten – Meet the Parents

Chapter Eleven – The Secret is Out

Chapter Twelve – Rumours

Chapter Thirteen – Decision, decisions

Chapter Fourteen – A Surprise Visit

Chapter Fifteen – Twists of Fate

Chapter Sixteen – A Happy Ending?

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Chapter One

Honeymoon blues

I should have been in Saint Lucia, lying on the beach, while my new husband rubbed suntan lotion on my back. Instead, I was at my desk typing up a report for the boss from hell. She’d given it back to me twice already, and I knew she’d go mad if I got it wrong for a third time. My mind just wasn’t on the job. All I could think about was Mark- my first real love - my childhood sweetheart.

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