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Eagle Bay

Christy Wood

A suspense thriller based

on real life events of Doug Kane

Copyright 2011 by

Christy Wood

Smashwords Edition


The reactor Containment Building of the Eagle Bay Nuclear Generating Station sits like a sleeping giant alongside beautiful Silver Lake in upstate New York. Inside the domed structure is a massive silent, open space; dark, eerie, warm and steamy, vaporous, the thin atmosphere deliberately set at a low level. Different levels of grated flooring expose pumps, monstrous pieces of bulky equipment, scattered about like toys, played with and forgotten, and a complicated web of pipes disappearing down into the depths of the building five stories below. Two huge steam generating tanks tower over everything; giant monoliths. Wisps of steam drift up from various areas, like a large kettle. Dimly glowing green phosphorescent lights set down into the depths throw mysterious shadows interspersed with dark spaces, into the huge volume.

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