(Social Essay)

Abstract: This is an essay about our contemporary consumer society, that creates all kinds of artificial things but then throws them without making necessary efforts to destroy them properly. It begins with some philosophical reflections about the world in which we live (but philosophical ideas and conclusions pervade also the left part of the material), and then observes certain concrete cases of inability to dissolve objects or ideas which have fulfilled their part (such like the: revolutions and wars, outdated moral norms in the society, obsolescence of the things, garbage of various kind, and other matters), and proposes during the review also some directions in which we should work. Because this is a later work of the author many things are only mentioned without proper justification, so that if some readers find the material very informative they have two ways of action: either to refuse to read it further, or to look for some other of my works for explanations. As to the specific topic, then from the time of technical revolution, a moment which is initiated roughly with the Manifesto of Karl Marks, we are moving pretty strong away from the nature, without having prepared in some way our organisms for this, what leads to many cataclysms, but also to unsolved tendencies for pollution with garbage in whatever areas, just because of breaking the natural cycles, what ultimately leads again to cataclysms. At the end is placed traditional poetical appendix in English.

Copyright Chris MYRSKI, 2011

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