The War of Blood and Bones


Kenneth Guthrie

(Smashwords Edition)


"They killed him. Tore him apart. I can't forgive them! I will never forgive them. I will take my revenge on the orc nations. Every single one of them will feel my pain. My revenge will be legendary."

- Lower Commander Thomas of the King's Army.

Thomas's brother is dead - killed by the vicious orcs. All he can think of is his revenge, until a goblin and a dark elf who are part of a greater plot step into his life. Now Thomas must fight to survive as he faces off against hordes of orcs, while trying to find his way out of the maze of grief that threatens to overwhelm him and drive him into madness.

This is the second installment of 'The War of Blood and Bones series', which begun with 'The War of Blood and Bones: Orcs'. This book takes the perspective of the humans and revels even more of the complicated situation that is taking place in the southern regions and the orc plains which will change the region forever.

Stay tuned for the next installment 'The War of Blood and Bones: Manipulators' to find out what happens next!

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Book One of The War of Blood and Bones: Orcs

The war begins with Lark, a particularly greedy and power hungry orc, leading a daring attack on a small fort near the orc-human boundary that kicks of the beginning of a series of gruesome battles.

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