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Deepwater Heroes: The Boats That Saved the Coast

Gina Sanders

Copyright Gina Sanders 2011

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It all began with a droplet. The first droplet of oil to arrive on the Mississippi Gulf Coast appeared on June 28th, 2010. Weathered oil took just over two months from the date of the Deepwater Horizon explosion to make landfall at the Lake Mars Pier in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This oil droplet is on the boat launch near the pier, and it did not arrive alone.

The Lake Mars Pier and surrounding area brought to reality the gravity of the situation facing the Gulf Coast. Is oil removal as easy as it sounds? You be the judge, taking into consideration the pictures that follow, and seeing the nooks and crannies in which the oil took up residence.

The plastic seen floating in the water is referred to as “Pom Pom” in the oil cleanup world. It is said to have qualities that attract and capture oil, but in this case, the oil is on everything but the Pom Pom. The oil actually had to cross this Pom Pom to land on the rocks.

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