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The Queen and the Castle

By Timothy Wilson

Cover Design by Mark Wilson

Published by Timothy Wilson at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Timothy Wilson


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The quarter moon hung high in the dark and shadowy sky, shining its meager light on the aged and weather-beaten walls of the Castle of Argonna. Below the walls, the rocks lining the coast held back the mildly crashing waves, sending a light foam in short bursts into the air. The dark green water of the ocean rolled unsteadily, pushing towards the coast in a futile effort to overwhelm the ancient structure which stood on its edge. Along this conflicting edge of earth and sea crawled Victor Mansfield, pacing himself in his effort to infiltrate the occupied capital and keep of Argonna.

On top of the castle walls stood soldiers of the occupying army of D'rolock, the large empire to the south and east which surrounded the coastal kingdom of Argonna. The D'rolock Empire had been determined to swallow the smaller outlying kingdoms in its attempt to become the unrivaled power on the expansive continent. Argonna was the largest kingdom remaining that stood against the growing empire, and was close to total subjugation. The castle was one of the first areas to fall in the surprise amphibious attack, and successfully created enough of a diversion for the land forces to move in quickly and press the unprepared defenders.

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