Life Lessons from a Cat

by Kate Everson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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There is peace to be found inside your own heart. Relax and become it.

A golden sky called her. She had to go.

Rebekah looked up from the program she was watching and walked out the door into the light.

The sun was setting over the bay making a golden glow that was so powerful it felt like a summons. She walked blindly down to the dock. Then she turned and looked behind her. The eastern sky was lit up with a brilliant rainbow.

“Oh my!” she breathed. “This is breathtaking.”

The golden sky in the west began to change to a softer pinkish-purple, reflecting off the water. Rebekah stood on the dock and looked at the sky stretching out on both sides of her, the sunset on one side and the rainbow on the other.

Raindrops began to fall, making circles on the water. A ripple of wind pushed them along, expanding into patterns. Rebekah kept watching to see if the rainbow was still there and it gradually faded, leaving a trail of pink in the clouds. She sat on the wood stump at the end of the dock and felt blessed.

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