Rede was about to yell at him, but quickly decided to take a deep breath and calm himself down, “Whatever, Walker. I didn’t need to know how many you’ve been with.”

“For your information, since I stayed in the same city I stuck with the same three.” Walker pointed out.

“At once?” Shade asked him.

Walker shrugged, “Not usually, but sometimes they were feeling frisky for it.”

Rede shook his head, but quickly looked up as he saw a sign swinging not far above them. The Ladies’ Door. With a sigh of relief he pointed at it, “Tada!” He said loudly, “Found it.” Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary about it, besides the fog that was rolling out from under its door.

“Wait up,” Walker told them. They all stopped to look at him as he reached into his backpack, “Alright, guys, you go in there and you enjoy yourselves.” He pulled out small bags of coin and handed one out to each of them, “It’s on me.”

“Ooooo!” Gorgos smiled as she took the gold.

“Thank you.” Shade smiled wide, “I’ll use this well in your name.” Walker chuckled back.

Callie chuckled, “You don’t have to give me your-“

“Shhh.” Walker silenced her, “Just spend it well won’t you?”

“You got it.” She nodded at him.

“What…is this for?” Rede asked him last.

“Well, either buy yourself a girl with it, or tip them well. I don’t care.” Walker told him, “Now come on, no dilly dally.” Walker led the way to the door and pushed it wide open. The thick fog came up to his short gnome chest as he strode into the place. Callie grabbed Rede by the hand and drug him into the place while Shade and Gorgos trailed in at the end. The place was much larger than they had expected it to be. On the far wall they could see a huge bar set up that could classify at as its own little joint. To the side of that was a large stairway leading upstairs. In between them and the bar area was multiple different stages for strippers to dance on. The place was already fairly busy and every stage was in use by multiple strippers; guys and girls alike. Everything up until the bar was completely black with colorful party lights darting across the floors and walls. Shade and Gorgos immediately found a seat near one of the cage dancers while Callie drug Rede off to another stage.

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