Praise for Of Covenants

C. Kubasta, please don’t take offense as we make reference to, ahem, country music in reviewing your fantastic new collection, Of Covenants. The plainspoken, country-road cadence and homespun themes lean to AM, not FM, and yet the words, sounds, and rhythms are high-beam, A-team poetry.

Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews

That Kubasta’s poems break the contracts they make—stealing instead of citing source material, for instance—is, as Eliot might quip, pure genius! Tradition, move over and make room for a brilliant new talent.

Cynthia Hogue, author of Revenance

The poems are experienced; they are in fact assemblages of experience; of autobiography, of research, of citation—or the effacement of such accounting, and thereby reminds us that every memory is also a system of forgetting. Every confession a potential excuse.

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