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David Berardelli

No good deed goes unpunished, and twenty-three-year-old Lindsay Foreman becomes acutely aware of that after helping an old woman struck by a car and left for dead on a Central Florida highway.

As the old woman slips closer to death, she tells Lindsay she must give her something. Lindsay has no idea what the woman is talking about and assumes she is delirious. But later Lindsay begins experiencing strange visual sensations, seeing odd colors on people’s faces or above their heads. The more this happens, the more she realizes the colors appear to coincide with emotions and situational responses of people with whom she comes in contact.

Desperate to find out what has happened to her, Lindsay digs deeper into the circumstances involving the old woman’s death, hoping to discover clues about this strange ‘gift’ the old woman apparently passed on to her. However, a criminal element seems determined to stop Lindsay’s investigation into the hit-and-run murder. Suddenly Lindsay finds herself in more trouble than she can handle – especially when an undercover DEA agent, C.C. Cross, seemingly comes to her rescue.

It’s hard to know whom to trust, but with her new insight, Lindsay has a better idea than anyone can imagine. The question is, will her strange gift of colors help keep her from getting herself – and Cross – killed?

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