I amble down the quite dark street, both my cold mitts inside my hoodie pockets. I lull in my tracks as I get a whiff it. . . I get it. Slowly, I take off my hood looking up towards the right. My eyes land on a grey tiny almost flat tent in what seems a dinky green area, a park? I march towards it as slowly as I can. But it doesn't take too long because I really can't seem to stop my felicitous yen. Before I could touch the tent to open the zip, I watch a small calloused hand pulling it down from the inside. A small boy steps out with half opened eyes. I stare at him for a while. . . another boy, maybe 9 or 11 years old pops his noggin out of the tent behind him. Yes. This's the one.

They stare at me then at each other. When the older looking boy's eyes land on my mouth, his eyes expand and he opens his mouth to yell. I kneel down in a rush and shush him with my mitt, pressing it against his trembling dry lips. I shake my noggin at him playfully smiling, then push him back in the tent.

Before I start, I break his neck to keep his screams silent. I spin around when I detect the small boy's scent is starting to fade. I jump to my feet and leave the tent. I mark the little boy not so far away, shoe-less racing to survive. I sprint and grab him for a moment and break his neck, dragging him back in the tent. Not that I killed him for his flesh, he doesn't smell good to me. I just can't leave any evidence.

I take my hoodie off revealing my old stained orange t-shirt. I join my mitts together then crack my knuckles as I kneel down next to the older boy. I take the boy's arm and let out a breath as I bite off a chunk of flesh.

After I finish my meal, I sigh as I look at the other boy that I have to swallow just to keep the place clean. I burn the tent leaving no evidence behind. I leave the place full of energy and satisfaction. Zipping the hoodie while I saunter, I caught and fall to the floor. I place my trembling mitt over my chest and endure the pain as my vision blurs. 

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