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This story is about 5000 words.

He had seen it lying in the trees at the edge of the road, but hadn't realized what it was until he got close. There was a ring on the third finger that he knew very, very well. The problem was that was about all of what there was left of its owner. The forearm showed obvious bite marks and there was blood in the bushes with sloppy wet red chunks of something he didn't want to contemplate on the ground nearby.

He turned towards his home and started to sprint as fast as he could. Logan hadn't gotten home for a reason. He hadn't been drunk; he'd been dead.

He turned the corner and his worst fears were confirmed. All of the lights were out in his home and the door was hanging off the hinges. Please, no, he thought as he ran to the door.

With no concern for his safety, he pushed through the door and ran into the eating area. No one here. There was still hope.

He took two big strides and he was in the kitchen. The scene that greeted him was like something out of a nightmare.

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