The hammer is made up of men on horses,” Jer filled in for Av because his brother was looking confused again. “A queen, if she knows what to do, can cause widespread panic amongst horses and cause them to buck their riders, then stampede.”

Av blinked at Jer, wide-eyed. “A queen can do what now?”

You need to learn about military history,” Er said sternly. “If you do, you will learn a great many uses for a queen. Especially in battle.”

If the queen knows how to use her magic to do such a thing,” Ervam said loudly. “You all forget that this all is begun with the word ‘if’ which is much like saying, ‘if the sky turns purple then it will rain ale.’ Even if we had a queen we were willing to risk in battle, there isn’t one capable of doing such things. Not on palace lands and certainly not in the North, where the expertise of their magic is focused on keeping you warm and the lights going, on melting sidewalks and roads of snow and ice to allow the city to function.

The way of the queen is, and will continue to be, one focused on improving the comfort of the commoners and ranks alike. One hasn’t gone to battle in centuries, if not thousands of years, and we will not press one into battle now. We’d be better off taking a damned lapdog into war, at least those buggers have sharp teeth to nip at the heels of our enemies.”

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