The Temple of Hanuman

Da'ud ibn Tamam ibn Ibrahim al-Shawni

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The Garden Enclosed, the Fountain Sealed

The religion of God—the journey of Rama, the revelation of Krishna, the way of the Buddha—is a garden enclosed. In that garden is a sealed fountain above a well of fathomless waters. Why sound the depths of that abyss when the fountain pours forth without end? Let them be ashamed who say that fountain has run dry! If you drink from your hands or the bottle, from the cup or a jar of clay, it still quenches thirst. If you bow to Rama, or Krishna, or the Buddha, you bow before the One. If you call Him Vishnu, or Shiva or Brahma, you call upon the One.

This work is not a history, but is in the likeness of a history, or the recollection of a likeness. This work is the dream of a memory, not the dream made real. It is not the work of a scholar or even one well educated. This work is a niche in which I have placed a key carved of rosewood. This key is to a single door to a single chamber of the King’s treasury. I offer it to share with you a glimpse of what I have seen and this is the likeness. Let your heart, not your intellect, judge the value of this key and of the treasures in His keep. Judge its worth and assay its truth.

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