Visitation on Ice

Published by Nicholas Sheffield at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Nicholas Sheffield

Gian and Mitchel stared through the spacecraft’s forward windows. After months of flying through the blindness of deep space their mission had finally reached its climactic moment. A wall of sparkling light was filling their view.

Gian turned to his partner. ‘You ready?’

Mitchel rubbed his bristly scalp and nodded. ‘This is what it’s all about, isn’t it?’ He leant forward with a squint. ‘The comet head looks pretty hazy from here.’

Yeah, that’s a pretty dense coma,’ replied Gian. ‘I got the feeling we’re going to hit some pretty sizeable chunks as we go in.’

Oh?’ said Mitchel. ‘What gives you that idea?’ A look of misgiving spread across his face. ‘There’s no indication of that on the scanners.’

Gian smiled and leant forward to activate one of the controls. ‘Scanners can’t always read through the haze, my good man. Trust me. This isn’t the first snowball I’ve landed on. You get a feel for these things’

Mitchel detected some smugness in his crewmate’s voice. ‘Don’t put on that veteran tone,’ he said curtly.

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