The needle broke his skin easily.

Heaving himself up on the couch, Will blinked at the ceiling before turning his head and focusing on Cosmo. He was fading fast now, voice and visage both. Not really meaning to, Will extended a hand towards him. But Cosmo just slowly shook his head before disappearing completely.

His hand dropped, hitting the floor with a sharp thud. Closing his eyes, Will let the empty darkness take him away.


Sunlight greeted his sensitive eyes when he awoke. Screwing his eyes shut again, he tried to bring up his hands to shield them. But one of his hands didn’t obey the command, and with a groan he cracked open an eye — squinting against the light as he tried to determine the problem.

Zero was sitting curled up on the floor next to the couch, holding Will’s hand in both of his. His head was propped up against one drawn-up knee, a small puddle of drool making the fabric of the jeans darker in that spot.

Will cleared his throat, feeling oddly warmed by the scene in front of him. Not knowing what to say, he instead reached out to muss the blond strands. The soft hair tangled around his fingers, and Zero stirred. Blue eyes opened, blinking drowsily up at him.

“Mm, Thirty-nine,” he mumbled, tilting his head towards Will — once again reminding him of a dog, now silently begging to get scratched behind the ears.

“I think it’s time you tell me who this Thirty-nine is,” Will said calmly, relieved when Zero didn’t flinch away.

He just angled his head up, meeting Will’s eyes. “Thirty-nine used to do that too.”

“Oh? Did you use to live with him?”

“For as long as I can remember.”

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