The War of Blood and Bones



Kenneth Guthrie

(Smashwords Edition)

Product Description:

"What happened to my father out there in the woods? I’ve asked him more times than I can count. I guess that the secret is between him and his gods, but I wish I knew."

- Thomas, Lower Commander in the King’s army.

Thomas’s father has just found his son clutching the head of his dead wife. It’s enough to drop any man into a deep pit of depression, and for a time it does. Out of the burning heat of this painful hurt comes the man considered unbeatable by the king’s army. Find out more about the events surrounding Thomas’s mother’s death and learn the secrets his father refuses to tell him.

Series Information:
This is side story related to Thomas the main character from the second book in 'The War of Blood and Bones series', which begun with 'The War of Blood and Bones: Orcs', and follows the war between the humans and orcs, exploring the depths of corruption and evil that inspired it.

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Book One of The War of Blood and Bones: Orcs

The war begins with Lark, a particularly greedy and power hungry orc, leading a daring attack on a small fort near the orc-human boundary that kicks of the beginning of a series of gruesome battles.

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