There was a sexy fucking smirk across his face as he sat back down in the leather chair. "Are you going to blindfold me again?"

I started taking off my shoes. "Not this time. This time, you need to see everything."

He smiled. "Good, I can't wait."

I slipped off my shoes and socks. I started undoing my belt.

Travis squirmed in the leather chair while watching me. He kept his hands away from his twitching manhood by gripping the arms of the chair again.

With how much tension he put onto those chair arms I wasn't going to be surprised if they were ruined by the end of our session.

I slipped off my belt.

His eyes wandered over it. "Are you going to let me spank you with that?"

I grinned. My imagination started getting away with me. Spanking me with my own belt? Now that would fucking hot. But... "Not today, buddy."

He grinned. "Too bad. I'd love to leave a few marks on you."

I dropped my belt to the floor. I walked forward. I was going to do something for him that I knew his wife never had. Give him a show. It’s what I did with all the guys. Give them a strip tease, show them my ass before I gave them more oral to finish them off. I never fucked them, but now, with Travis, I was going to break my rule. First, I’d give him a show.

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